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If you don’t regularly use our services but you have a special occasion to attend or would like a dog-free day or evening out, then look no further!

Our Deluxe (Group) Day Care Service (available Monday - Thursday) or our Deluxe (1:1) Dog Sitting Service (7 days a week) both provide outstanding care for your canine companion.


Please see below for more details and drop us an email to check availability.  


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Premium and bespoke 1:1 dog care service in your accommodation

Do you want to enjoy a dog-free evening out?  

You might want to go to the cinema or theatre, or for a relaxing meal without having to rush back to check on the dog.

If you're visiting the area, many holiday cottages/hotels don’t allow you to leave dogs alone in their property so this can limit your leisure options.

Don’t worry, we can help!

Do you have an activity planned which isn’t dog friendly?

Maybe you want to enjoy a day out on the fells but your dog is too young or too old to be able to accompany you - and it’s too long to leave them on their own. 

Maybe our weekday group service isn't suitable for them and they would be more comfortable with 1:1 care in familiar surroundings. 

That’s fine, we’ve got you covered!  

Does your dog suffer from separation anxiety?

This can hamper your opportunity for having some dog-free time once in a while.

No problem - our service is just right for you!

We offer a reliable and trustworthy premium dog sitting service designed to give you freedom and peace of mind through our provision of top quality care for your dog.  

We provide company and care for your dog in your own home or holiday accommodation to allow you to enjoy some time away worry free.  

We will come to your property at an agreed time and care for your dog, ensuring all their needs are met during the time we’re with them.  We’ll walk and play with them as required, we can feed them as per your instructions and we’ll ensure they’re comfortable to enjoy some down time as well.  

We’re experienced in helping dogs to feel settled and we specialise in focusing on the details so your dog will always have plenty of personalised care, enrichment and attention to help them to feel content during their time with us.  

Our service is designed to meet your dog’s needs as an individual so we take the time to find out all the key information about them beforehand and if a meet and greet is possible, we’ll do that too.  

If you’d like to find out more about our bespoke dog sitting service, get in touch to discuss how we can help - email us at or click on the Get In Touch button below and complete a Contact Form.  

Deluxe Dog Sitting - Times and Fees*

Available 7 days a week, 9am - 11pm

Monday - Friday:

Daytime Rate -

Up to 3 hours £55

Up to 6 hours £100

Evening Rate - 

Up to 3 hours £65

Additional hours, £20 per hour

Saturday and Sunday:

Daytime Rate - 

Up to 3 hours £65

Up to 6 hours £120

Evening Rate - 

Up to 3 hours £70

Additional hours £20 per hour

*Additional fees may be incurred for puppies and older/convalescing dogs depending on their care requirements. Please contact us to discuss. 

*Fees noted are based on sitting for one dog - if you have two or more dogs in the family please contact us to discuss. 

*Looking for a long stay/overnight sit?  Contact us for a quote.


DELUXE DAY CARE (group care)

Monday - Thursday
9am - 4pm

Are you hoping to enjoy a dog free day out?

There’s so much to do and explore in The Lakes but not all of it is suitable for our furry friends and if you're on holiday it can sometimes be difficult to balance the requests of all the family!  

That’s where we can help.  Our Deluxe Day Care service helps you to enjoy a dog free day out safe in the knowledge that your dog is enjoying their day out too! 

Do you have a special event to attend or do you simply need a dog free day for chores?  

We’ve got you covered as well! 

Our Deluxe Day Care service also includes free local pick up and drop off to take all the dog related stress out of your day. Our vans are fully converted for safety and security with individual comfortable spaces for each dog.  

What happens at Deluxe Day Care? 

We specialise in providing a fun, well balanced day for your dog in a calm and positive environment with plenty of mental and physical stimulation as well as time for rest.  

Your dog will enjoy two good walks (AM & PM) - at least one of these will be a group adventure trek with our regular team.  On these walks we play games with the team focussed on using their super-sense of smell, practise skills and wild agility and leave plenty of time for exploring and enjoying ‘being dog’. We make good use of our amazing local trails of course!   

Over lunch we spend time in our comfortable home to give your dog the opportunity for some rest and also some enrichment  - we have a range of activities available along with all the creature comforts you would expect so your dog can relax comfortably. We are licensed by South Lakeland District Council to care for dogs in our home with a rating of 5 stars.  

At the end of our day, we will return your dog clean and contented.  They will feel mentally and physically fulfilled and ready to enjoy a relaxing evening with you.  This means you can relax too after your busy day!  

Is my dog suitable for this service?

Our Deluxe Day Care service is suitable for dogs over one year of age who get on well with other dogs.  Male dogs need to be neutered.  

If your dog is young or elderly and requires less exercise, or is nervous around other dogs, then our one-to-one Deluxe Dog Sitting Service in your own home or holiday accommodation will be more suitable for them. 

We will email you a consultation form prior to your dog’s day with us so we have detailed information to help us to care for them well and ensure they have the best time!  Should you be available for a meet and greet beforehand this can also be arranged.  

Deluxe Day Care - Times and Fees 

Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm (excluding Bank Holidays).

£70 (one dog)

£105 (two dogs from the same family)

If you’d like to find out more or check availability, email us at or complete the contact form (click the Get In Touch button below).

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