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Please find below our full terms and conditions.

'Ambleside Dog Walker' refers to all team members working as part of our business.

'Client' refers to the dog-owner who wishes to use Ambleside Dog Walker's services.  

Our Privacy Policy can be viewed on the 'Privacy Policy' page of this website. 


No part of this website can be copied or reproduced, stored or transmitted in any form. If you wish to reproduce elements from this website, permission needs to be sought by contacting

Booking and Cancellation of Services

The client agrees to book a service by phone call or email to Ambleside Dog Walker.  The requested service is not confirmed until Ambleside Dog Walker has replied with notification of this.  

If the client needs to cancel a booking due to unforeseen circumstances, this needs to be done as soon as possible via phone or email.  If the cancellation occurs within 24 hours of the commencement of the service, a 50% cancellation fee will be applied.

If no cancellation notification is made by email or phone and Ambleside Dog Walker attends to collect your dog but is unable to do so, the price for that day's service will be invoiced in full.

Access Requirements

Ambleside Dog Walker may require the client's keys to their property to enable access. Key release information will be completed as part of the consultation process if this is required.

Ambleside Dog Walker will ensure that all keys will be contained in a locked safe when not in use and that a key control book will be used to sign keys in and out of the safe.

Payment for Services 

Ambleside Dog Walker hereby notifies all regular clients that they will be invoiced at the end of every week or month, as per arrangement made, and that payment should be made within 48 hours of receiving their invoice for services provided.

Should late payment occur, Ambleside Dog Walker reserves the right to impose a late payment fee of £2.50 and a further £2.50 for everyday thereafter until payment is received in full.​

Invoices for services provided will be based on the price list available on the website and are non-negotiable.  These charges are subject to change; regular customers will receive one month's notice via email of any price changes.  

Clients making singular or one off bookings will be expected to make payment 24 hours prior to the commencement of the service.  

All payments are requested by bank transfer.  

Canine Behaviour

The client, by completing the consultation form, agrees to divulge behavioural information about their dog, including aggression and biting.   In taking up the service provided by Ambleside Dog Walker, the client agrees that their dog has not shown any sign of dangerous behaviour that could jeopardise the safety of Ambleside Dog Walker team members and other dogs, animals and humans whilst in our care. 

Should the client's dog show any signs of behavioural issues in the future, the client agrees to notify Ambleside Dog Walker. 

Canine Health and Safety

By completing the consultation form the client confirms that their dog is in good health and up to date with all vaccinations, has been regularly wormed and has regular treatment to prevent fleas and ticks.

The client agrees to ensure that, as is law, their dog is micro-chipped and wears a well fitted collar with an ID tag showing the client's contact details. 

The client agrees to ensure that their dog has had sufficient time (at least 1 hour) to digest their meal prior to the commencement of services by Ambleside Dog Walker.  

Walking your Dog

Ambleside Dog Walker agrees to abide by the terms set out in their insurance policy and walk no more than 6 dogs per handler at any time.

Ambleside Dog Walker will only allow dogs to exercise and play off the lead if the client has given their permission when completing the consultation form. Otherwise the client's dog will remain on the lead for the duration of their walk.  

There may be times when the weather conditions pose a risk to health and safety; for example, heavily iced paths or conditions which make the dogs nervous, such as thunder and lightning. In such circumstances, Ambleside Dog Walker reserves the right to cut short the walk, both for the health and safety of the dogs in our care and ourselves.

Delivery of Service

Ambleside Dog Walker will always endeavour to arrive/drop off at the allotted time. However, in adverse weather or road conditions or due to other unforeseen circumstances we may be slightly delayed. Please allow 30 minutes for us to attend. Your dog will still receive the full service as requested.

On occasion, due to poor weather such as heavy snow or severe flooding, Ambleside Dog Walker will not be able to reach dogs booked for services. If this is the case, we will always endeavour to give the client enough notice to make alternative arrangements for their dog.

Ambleside Dog Walker agrees to perform the requested services in a caring, attentive and reliable manner when looking after client's dogs.

It is expressly understood that the client retains the services of Ambleside Dog Walker as an independent contractor and not as an employee.


We are fully insured by Protectivity Insurance.

Exclusions to the policy: Any dog with a pre-existing physical or medical defect, disability or condition.

This means that should your dog have to visit the vet for a pre- existing condition whilst in our care, the owner is liable for all vets fees.

In completing our consultation form each owner must disclose behavioural and health issues particular to their dog.  Failure to do so will mean that the owner is liable for any costs incurred through damage/injuries to other parties or property by their dog.

In the event of an emergency, Ambleside Dog Walker will make every effort to contact the client on all emergency contact numbers provided.  We reserve the right to make a decision in the best interests of their dog's health and on the advice of a veterinary surgeon if the client is uncontactable. 

Termination of Agreement

Ambleside Dog Walker and the client can terminate the agreement of services at any time by giving 7 days' notice by email. 

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